Our Story

The Autism Society of Alabama (ASA) was founded over 20 years ago by a small group of concerned parents who met around a kitchen table and held discussion on a disorder that no one knew much about at that time. Through the years, ASA continues to grow and develop and remains an essential part of the state of Alabama, serving the families’ and communities’ needs, offering information and referral services, educational conferences, network groups and a variety of community enrichment activities. ASA collaborated with Autism Speaks to advocate at the state level for insurance reform in Alabama. With many (if not most) families paying out of pocket for children and adults on the spectrum because insurance coverage for autism was not provided, there had to be a voice at the statehouse to change this. The Autism Society of Alabama was this voice and with grassroots efforts, legislation was passed ensuring insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders. This past year, ASA has met many new families who have received a diagnosis of ASD. Each are invited to join a network group in their local area. At ASA, we believe that families connecting with families is the best resource no matter  what part of the spectrum a child or adult may be.

ASA offers educational trainings and conferences. In collaboration with the University of Alabama, ASA hosts the State Autism Conference annually, as well as, smaller conferences locally.

Additional Programs and Services: 

First Responder Trainings 

Safety Net Campaign

Alabama Autism Identification Card

Respite Program

Alabama Interagency Coordinating Council

Autism Friendly Alabama

Annual Legislative Day


Sensory Movies/Theatre/Santa

Autism Day at Baseball Games

Network Support Group Leader Workshop

Family Enrichment Activities

Project ECHO: Autism 

Regional Autism Network

Visit www.autism-alabama.org for more information